08 February 2010

P'butt Dog Biscuits

Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits - dogs now officially love me (when I'm in the kitchen).

2 3/4 c whole wheat flour
2 3/4 c all purpose flour
2 T brown sugar
1 t sea salt
1 c peanut butter
3 eggs
1/3 c vegetable oil
1 c H20

375 degrees
Combine flours, brown sugar & salt in large mixing bowl. Add eggs and p'butt and mix to incorporated. Mix in oil and add water as needed to develop a smooth dough. Set aside for 15-20 minutes to relax (covered). Roll out dough to 3/8 - 1/2" thick. Cut to desired shape. Arrange on parchment-lined pan. Bake approximately 40 minutes until slightly brown and fairly hard. Set aside to cool.

Source: White on Rice Couple

Notes: mixing the p'butt, wasn't easy, but it eventually came together. Ended up needing more than 1 cup of H20, but just a bit more. Easy easy to roll out. Cut into half dollar size (w/biscuit cutter). Added a score line so they can be broken in half. Made two heart shapes for Valentine's Day for Big and Little.

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