09 February 2010

Super Bowl Sunday Recap

Victims of my overzealous menu:
Baked Brie - boo - that was the one thing I was making for me...but that doesn't mean it won't be made at some point this week -- for dinner - how evil.
Sun-dried tomato thing - not a big deal, just had an idea of what I wanted in my head, so the fact that it wasn't made isn't the end of the earth.
Ate hot pepper jelly for lunch this week, so wasn't jonesing for it quite so much by Sunday - gave it a miss.
Totally forgot to make fries. By that time I didn't much care and I don't thinkk anyone missed them anyways.
So the review of those that survived... (including the Saints - that was great!)
Cajun Popcorn - outstanding! I mean really good. I wasn't sure it was going to work, esp after pouring the hot sugar mixture on the popcorn - and making popcorn the old way was great and the house didn't have the fake chemical smell the micro-popcorn does.
Spinach / Artichoke dip - v.g. worth the effort - makes a lot of dip!
Sausage Balls - good as always - froze remaining for easy breakfast. I always have to look this recipe up on the internet... don't know why I don't have a copy - random.
Gouda / crackers - if you like Gouda, you're happy.
Buffalo Chicken dip - again makes way too much. Used can chicken hesitantly as I think that's kind of weird. Not bad, but next time I'll poach a chicken breast or use a rotisserie chicken.
Sliders - easy recipe and I'll make that again this week.
Mini Cheesecakes - excellent - no really, just easy and excellent.

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