08 February 2010

Emma - Masterpiece Theatre conclusion

Emma concluded last night and what do we think? Well, I'll admit that in general it was enjoyable. I'm just such a sap that a happy ending makes me like something a little better no matter what. Everyone wonders how Marianne in Sense and Sensibility marries Colonel Brandon... is she really happy? I wonder the same about Emma - Knightley is handsome and charming and genuine to be sure, but he's a homebody. Doesn't Emma need to go and do ...  somthing? anything? Realizing the honeymoon by the sea is lovely, but Emma needs to go to Bath and London and experience life. Not stay in Highbury and be self important. Obviously, this has to do with the story in and of itself not this latest video edition of it, but still... What would happen if Emma went to London for a season?
Again, I think my feelings for the actors from the first session of Emma 2009 have remained the same. Johnny Lee Miller - superior, very well done - suprisingly so. Tamsin Greig was perfect as Miss Bates - truley a talented performance of a role that EASY to get wrong. Romola Garai - she got better over time, but not an easy role to play because the character is, herself, hard to like. Blake Ritson and Christina Cole - how hard is it to be so snooty and annoying... they did well. Although I like Ritson more when he's a nice guy. Louise Dylan as Harriet - the natural daughter of nobody know who...and a bit too much of a simpleton in this case. Too bad, because Harriet moves the story along, but when she's this inspid, who cares? Laura Pyper as Jane Fairfax - plain Jane in this case and why has no movie given more time to the attempts that Emma finally does make to be a friend to Jane - this version did more than most, but still not enough. Rupert Evans as Frank Churchill - blech - enough said. Jodhi May not my ideal Miss Taylor/Mrs. Weston, but she did well - on the whole. Unfortunately MIA Dan Fredenburgh - we need more of John Knightely -The Voice of Reason.

Well, next week it's Northanger Abbey or Mansfield Park or something like that and we'll have to be satisifed with one and a half hours instead of four hours... sigh.

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