10 March 2010

Sweet Home Farm

Last Friday was perfect - totally perfect - in every possible way. MotH and I took the day off and went to Sweet Home Farm and then to lunch at one of our favorite places - for the first time since the fall - the Oar House. I spent more than my share of cheese allowance for certain $33.97 at Sweet Home Farm.
Cajun Spice - $3.48, 1/4 pound
Garlic Gouda - $3.48, 1/4 pound
Baldwin - $6.37, 1/2 pound
Perdido - $4.48, 1/4 pound
Aged Jubilee - $7.52, 1/4 pound (new to me)
Gouda - $6.27, 1/2 pound
$2.37 to the State of Alabama - wait, what?? Alabama charges sales tax on food? You've so got to be kidding me - WTH?
We had to go to SWF on a Friday - they are too busy on Saturday and you can't get in and I'm impatient - I'm not interested in lining up. That said, I still had to put up with people who had no clue what they wanted - tourists ... SHF should have one side of the counter for the clueless and the other side for those how know they are going to get a half pound of Baldwin no matter what ...

Licenses plates in the parking lot: AL, IL, MI, FL

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