09 March 2010

Food Network

I try to give new Food Network shows a try -- if they don't seem too stupid (I'm talking to you, Guy Fieri)* - or at least maybe they are new to me. You never know, right? So when I saw Mexican Made Easy, I thought okay, let's try it - We love Mexican food, real Mexican - not that greasy stuff you get a mediocre Mexican places - blech. 
Where does Food Network get these people? I know there are contests (next food network loser star - again, Guy, I think I'm talking to you), but come on. Marcela Valladolid is as bad as Giada but with worse ideas - stop with the accent - please you just seem, well, silly.  I un-TiVo'd the show after an episode for the card-company created holiday** was entitled "Cuddle Cuisine." I think I got a little bit sick. Barf. So much for that... another in a myriad of Food Network shows that will be ignored. Can't they come up w/anything good? Sigh - I guess it's just AB again. 

* I'm thinking we must worship at the altar of Food Network Humor.
** Valentine's Day for those of you who think it's real and that he really loves you because he manages to take you out to dinner one time a year... weak. 

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