01 May 2010

Hedgehog - He's mine, mine I tell you.

I've taken too long to post this but ... this is my new friend. You'll find him hanging around in my kitchen. He's the best and his name is Spike. Dimdi's etsy site is great - she's amazingly talented and I plan to order more. 
I love hedgehogs. They are so very cute, but not the least bit cuddly. There was a little family of hedgehogs that lived near our cottage in England. If you were out in the evening you would see them about. Mama and little babies. So cute. I never tried to pick them up, though they didn't seem phased by me being there. Either used to people to some degree or just didn't give a damn because they have, um.... spines. This watercolor is just the damn cutest thing ever. 
I just think Etsy is a great idea. How cool is it that people from all over the world can sell their original art to others in a simple fashion. My watercolor came from Italy - a tiny town that, though I studied art history and had a good sense of Italy, I have never heard of ... and used google maps to find.* No hedgehogs on the gulf coast, but we do have ... bunnies, almost as cute, but not quite (no spikes - too bad).

* What would we do if we didn't have google? Scary to think how dependent on it everyone is. 

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