01 May 2010

My Georgette Heyer Thing

Jane Austen has one serious flaw - only one, but it's kind of bad - Only 6 complete novels. Now I read them all, once a year or so and occasionally watch a BBC version, but that's not much when you really get down to it. So this past year (2009), I found and began reading and buying Georgette Heyer novels. Most are Regency romances and truth be told they are formulaic, but still engaging. The majority of her heroines know how to speak their mind - very 21st century of them.  Her knowledge of the period makes me wonder about time travel and or reincarnation - was she really alive during the Regency era? She has a sharpness of wit and a flourish of style in her writing that I enjoy. Her ability to describe a scene or a dandy or the ton is spectacular.

So far, I've read, Why Shoot the Butler?, The Toll Gate, The Corinthian, Black Moth, The Reluctant Widow, False Colours, The Convenient Marriage, The Grande Sophy, and Frederica. So I haven't yet made a dent. Additionally, I have a small stock waiting for me to read. Obviously she's not Jane, but with 50 novels including a few murder mysteries (oh goodie) and some historical fiction, it's a pretty good deal.

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