07 August 2010

Pickles...how much is not normal?

How many jars of homemade pickles does a normal person have in their fridge? I mean is it normal to have so many that it takes an entire shelf? I don't water process my pickles because I have had bad luck with less than crisp pickles and to me that's a crime. So here are the stats:
Bread and Butter Pickles - 3
Dill Pickles - 7
Pickled Okra - 1
Hot Pickled Carrots - 1
Pickled Pear Tomatoes - 1
Pickled Banana Peppers  - 1
Pickled Ginger (in Sherry, no less)  - 1
Squash Relish (yum)
Hot Pepper Jelly
Blueberry Jelly

A friend just gave me some banana peppers so I think I'm w/in my rights to make more of those, but I'll be steering clear of the pickling cukes for a while. There is no sense in looking like a mad woman. 


  1. Not big on pickles, but hot pepper jelly? Yum!

  2. My mom always made it and I finally, after several failures, got it right. I grow my own cayenne peppers and occasional jalapeno. Have you ever tried to make it? It's easy - once you get hang of it.

  3. Could you send me the recipe at quailcreekpub@hotmail.com. Thanks. If I can't make it, my daughter can. She's a whiz in the kitchen. Thanks. Mary

  4. Hah! My fridge was once in very similar condition. The lack of a veggie garden this year has greatly curtailed my husband's pickle making, but in the past we have pickled everything from asparagus to jalapenos (pretty much anything we grew). I LOVE pickled okra! During our pickle drought, I have been frequenting a nearby bar which makes their own dill pickles with lemon grass, jalapenos, and cloves for an extra kick. Mighty tasty but a bit mouth numbing. I wish we didn't live so far away because we really need to get together to eat! It would be excessively diverting.

  5. Alexa -
    Has your husband ever pickled garlic -- sounds weird, but it to die for. My father-in-law loves it. Pickles w/lemon grass -- sounds great - I have a huge lemon grass growing in the front yard (they get big - don't let anyone fool you - I bought it in a 4" pot and now I can barely get my arms all the way around it). I may have to go back on my word to try and make those. I just had dinner a new pub in town - will post about it soon - it was a hoot!

  6. Mary - I'll send the recipe this weekend! You'll love it.



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