11 January 2011

Sense & Sensibility Bicentenary Challenge (2011) - Even More thoughts on The Three Weissmanns of Westport

Why is this book so much more bothersome than Sense & Sensibility? Is it because it's set in the 21st century? Is it because the sisters are closer to my age (though I am younger than Annie and Miranda) than Elinor and Marianne?  Or is it because the Boy is going to college soon? Is it because even though the sisters "talk" to each other, and I use that term loosely, about what's going on in their lives, it still does not seem to help? That's a big 21st century pet peeve of mine about Miss Austen's stories. Why don't they talk to each other? The MotH always asks that when we watch one of the movies based on Miss Austen's books, "Why don't they talk to each other?" I have no good answer except that it just wasn't done then, but even when it is (as in this book), it still doesn't seem to satisfy me much. Men can still be stupid jerks. At least that is where I am with the story now -- hopefully, it will change. There are redeeming male characters, but right now Cousin Lou and Roberts are it... This book is great as a stand alone novel -- you need know nothing about Jane Austen or Sense & Sensibility, but it certainly is interesting if you do.

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