12 February 2011

Food words I dislike

The LA Weekly blog has two interesting articles (here and here) about words they think should be obliterated from the food lexicon and they start w/one word, I would really like to see gone gone gone - Foodie. What a stupid word. Sounds like something a 3 year-old would say. Ugh. As the LA Weekly says, "Get a better word. Preferably one that sounds like it wasn't coined by a kindergarten teacher."
Bounty - now I know this is from a rise in interest in farm fresh produce, but you know what comes to mind? Paper towels. Not kidding. 
Alfresco - LA Weekly says it best, "It's called outside."
Mixologist - It's not rocket science, it's a drink. How hard can it be to pull a pint?
Food Porn - What? Really, Ewww. 
Mouthfeel - hateful word, just as bad as unctuous.

Serious Eats also compiled a short list (here). These are a little less annoying to me, excepting Nom Nom. I have no idea why that is even listed as a food word - the only reference I have to that baby phrase is as a food truck. Nom Nom, from LA, that serves Banh Mi. They were on some show w/other food trucks and did well, if I remember correctly, and were cute kids, but I just thought it was a S.T.U.P.I.D. name. Seems I really have a problem w/baby-sounding names. We're all grown ups here (at least I hope so), so talk like one. 
I'll add one of my own - the use of the words home made to describe a restaurant item. It's a restaurant - not a home, ergo it's NOT home made. Please stop.
And no one mentioned sammie - another stupid baby word to be used in the place of sandwich. That must have made last years list and therefore was ineligible this year.
I have all ideas this is a rant that won't end. 

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