22 January 2011

Chinese Sacred Lily

The daffodils started blooming this week. Just one bunch so far and not many blooms yet, but I'll take what I can get. This little beauty is the Chinese Sacred Lily (Narcissus tazetta var orientalis 'Chinese Sacred Lily'). These are great daffodils for the Gulf Coast. While we don't have the variety of daffodils available to us as those in the colder climates, we do have many that do well. One of my favorites is one that will be blooming in a little more than a month or so - Ice Follies - all the pictures I saw of it prior to purchase did not do it justice. Another daffodil that's up already N. Pseudonarcissus.  It comes up in the fall and the leaves look like thin grass, but won't bloom until late February. I use rocks marked with paint pens to locate the daffodil sites, since I grow them in big(ish) clumps, and I put the rock at the lower left so I know where to look for the name, since I forget from year to year, and so I know not to dig up the bulbs while planting other things. 

Chinese Sacred Lily - 13 W-Y
Nov - Jan; 12" high
Very early, robust plants, average five florets per stem. 

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