22 January 2011

Dose of Cute

Poitou Donkey - I want want want!
I read a blog called Farmgirl Fare. I'm not sure where I found it, but it fits in with my wishful thinking that one day I'll have a small farm with two donkeys (at a minimum), some chickens, several dogs (of course!) and a random outdoor cat or two - oh, and a flower garden and several veg beds.
Regularly Susan posts her "Dose of Cute" pictures and I find them so wonderful and feel like I might eventually make it to my ideal farm by just seeing what happens at her (rather large) farm. I started to wonder - do our two dingbats do cute things? 

German Shepherd Dog
Well, of course they do, it's just catching them doing it is what is so difficult, so I'm going to try to get Dog 1 (GSD) and Dog 2 (Siberian Husky) to get used to the camera - ie. not stare at me dumbly when I turn it on (beep beep) - and take a few shots to see what I come up with. They are both grown dogs, but sometimes they act like puppies, and sometimes like children and sometimes like spoiled children and sometimes like spoiled puppy children (we are not their parents -- nope, no way - no how - they are pups not kids).
Siberian Husky
Should be fun and hopefully will be some good shots of them both. Susan's recipes are also great, but I really go to see dogs and donkeys. You should really check out Farmgirl Fare.

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