20 January 2011

Weyer Works Wooden Spoons

 My Weyer Works Collection
Every year at the Greater Gulf Coast Arts Festival, there is a "heritage" section of arts and crafts that runs along Historic Pensacola Village. There is a blacksmith, some local guy grinds corn into cornmeal, grits, and makes kettle corn, women sell jellies, you know - historic stuff.
But my favorite person is someone I've purchased from since we moved here in 2003. Mr. Weyer - the woodworker extraordinaire.
I've been buying spoons (mostly) from Mr. Weyer every year now - usually more than one and these are true treasures of my kitchen. Mr. Weyer showed me how to fix the spoon the Boy put in the dishwasher. A couple are stained from canning, but I wouldn't trade them. I'll be back for more in November.

Year - purchases
2003 - 2
2004 - Hurricane Ivan - no festival
2005 - 2
2006 - 2
2007 - 1
2008 - 2
2009 - 2
2010 - 1

From brochure provided at purchase:
Weyer Works
Quality Hand Cared Woodenware for 34 Years
Each item in our line is hand carved using traditional hand tools, including the drawknife, spoke shave, mallet, and gouge. Turned items are made on a wood lathe. most of the wood is native Iowa hardwood, and is air dried for at least seven years.
Care: Pieces are finished with several coats of mineral oil. Bowls are finished with a (sic) mineral oil and beeswax. Hand washing is recommended. Reapply mineral oil as need to maintain the luster of the finish.

You can see the couple from Weyer Works on their blog -- check out their visit to Pensacola -- can't blame them. I'm betting Iowa in November isn't much fun.

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