08 April 2011

As if you had never read it before

Wouldn't it be cool if you didn't already know all of Miss Austen's books by heart? You could read everything like it was the first time you ever read it. 
You wouldn't know that Darcy would come back to Pemberley a day early and by chance meet Elizabeth again. 
Just lovely

You wouldn't know that Mr. Knightley would issue one of the most garbled offers of marriage ever to his lovely friend. It was sweet, but not terribly articulate. But you know, we'll manage. He's just too lovely.

I can listen no longer in silence.
You wouldn't know that Wentworth was still violently in love with Anne after all those years or anything about the hastily penned letter. Is there anything more romantic that that letter? - I think not. 

Just so perfect
You wouldn't know the excitement of Elinor when she realizes that Edward is unmarried. It's so damn happy and heart breaking and wonderful at the same time. Jeez. Miss Austen loves to torture us, but in a romantic satisfyingly way. 

Sometimes it takes a while
You wouldn't know how resolute Fanny Price could be or what a correct judge of character she had. How she believed in her true love for Edmund. How his father came to realize what a wonderful thing he had done and what a exceptional "daughter" he had. What a true joy for them all  

What a hero!
You wouldn't know that Henry Tilney is uniformly charming either. He has to be one of the best of Miss Austen's characters. He's beyond charming and just adorable and, yes, I would love to have a brother like that, especially if I were picking fabric for new gowns. He may sound shallow, but he is not and he falls for the young girl that innocently falls for him first - how can he not. Simple story - love, at almost, first sight. He also has dogs - a good quality in any man. 

Wouldn't it just be something to read them again for the first time, without seeing certain  actors in your head and the parts they played. Or of hearing certain music associated with the films? You would have to create your own image of Mansfield Park or Longbourn or Pemberley as you read what little information you are given about them. 
Mrs. Allen

Jane Bennet - yes, an angel
You would have to decide how etheral was Jane Bennet or Emma Woodhouse or how dour was Lady Catherine and how silly was Mrs. Allen.
Wouldn't it be great? Indeed, it would.

I wish I could do it again. 
Emma - pretty, but ... 

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