03 April 2011

First of the Month - April

Wisteria - 1 April 2011
The changes that take place between March 1 and April 1 are always impressive. It now truly looks like spring and I for one say, yipee! The blooms are almost gone from the wisteria, which is sad, but worth it for the few weeks it is covered in purple flowers. The bald cypress now has leaves, so it no longer looks quite so sad and the river birches have new lime green leaves. The oak has done its typical shedding of leaves for spring, odd I realize, but true none the less. It looks a little forlorn, but is starting to get new lime green leaves as well. The weather is wonderful, hardly an humidity and temps in the mid to high seventies. Not too shabby. Here's to April. 

Oak - 1 April 2011

River Birch - 1 April 2011
Bald Cypress - 1 April 2011
River Birch #2 - 1 April 2011

Camellia - 1 April 2011

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