04 April 2011

Bookish pet peeves

This post about bookish pet peeves got me thinking. What are my pet peeves about books?

Library books - I would love to be able to check out and read books at the library, but try as I might, I can't. So many people who check out books smoke that, because of my allergies, I can't read them. I can bring them home, but can't get them read because as soon as I open them it's impossible to breathe without sneezing. That just irritates me, literally and figuratively.
Books in a series - I inevitably get a book that's part of a series, but is not the first book in the series. I hate that. I like to read stories in the order in which they are written, so finding myself in the middle is rather annoying because I then put that book off until I can start the series in the proper way.
Mysteries that can't be solved - A mystery should be able to be solved by the reader if they pay close enough attention to the clues provided. There shouldn't be some unknown clue that you find out about  as the mystery is revealed. That's cheating.
People that think you're a snob because you read classics - What's wrong with reading Austen, Bronte, Dickens, or whoever? That does not make me some kind of elitist. I just like reading different things and the classics are high on my list.
People who don't use a bookmark, but leave the book open upside down - That's just not good for the book and it never closes properly again. It makes me slightly nuts when I see it. Use a sticky note or a piece of paper or something.


  1. I'm with you on mysteries that can't be solved or solutions where the culprit is introduced too late in the story. I also have a pet peeve about reading books sequentially. Usually, the characters grow, and if you don't know them from the beginning, you miss all that.

  2. Mary - I totally agree. And I hate to be so peevish about library books, but it's true. I have allergies from hell. It is so annoying. I am so enjoying Darcy and Elizabeth go to War. That is one of my favorite time periods - i had several uncles (on my mom's side) that were in the war. My father was in the Korean war, but was station in England (lucky bloke that he was) and seemed to have had a grand time, but then again my time in England was lovely too. Can't wait to go back. Enjoy your stories so much!!!
    All the best

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